The News Spy App Review

The News Spy LogoThe predictions have been quite accurate. More businesses are accepting cryptocurrency as payment for their products or services. This is why we have witnessed an increase in the earnings of cryptocurrency traders. The money made from trading cryptocurrency is significant and sustainable. Many traders have been at the top of the earning table for years, regardless of the fluctuations in prices. In short, cryptocurrency traders are rich.

How did they become so wealthy? It is simple; there are too few investors in the cryptocurrency market who engage in trading activities. This is because of the experience and skills needed to trade crypto.

To acquire these trading skills an individual will need to go through weeks of training, which is expensive. But there is a shortcut; we have seen traders make so much money from the market by using auto trading robots for cryptocurrency trading.

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One of the advantages of using auto trading robots is that investors do not need to have any type of trading skills or techniques. The trading robots do all the work. We have been reviewing these trading robots for cryptocurrency, to help our audience start making money from the market daily.

We regard the trading systems as a hack. They are fully automated and do not require human assistance. In fact, we have found so many auto trading robots that work better and faster than manual trading methods. Please read about these trading robots on our site.

There was a hitch; so many trading robots were invented. It is difficult for investors to know which of these platforms are real or fake. We have experience and time. My team has continued to test these trading robots to find out which of them really work.

And, yet again, we have found a wonderful auto trading robot; it is called The News Spy.The News Spy App Review


The News Spy is an auto trading platform that can be used by anyone to make a daily profit from the cryptocurrency market. It is a simple auto trading platform with easy to use features. We decided to skip the list and test The News Spy quickly because the reviews for this auto trading platform were amazing. We needed to be sure that it works, and inform our readers who can start making money with the auto trader.

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Is the News Spy Legit?

We know how tough the economy is in many parts of the world. Thankfully, the charts indicate that the cryptocurrency market will continue to thrive. However, investors are wary, before investing they need to be sure that the platform is legit. This is why we first checked the registration details of The News Spy, and we found out that it is legit.

Also, we tested all the features of The News Spy, and everything works perfectly.

Here is a summary of our review;

  • 1). The News Spy is a legit trading platform for cryptocurrency. It works with excellent metrics that offer minimal retest resistance. That is why many investors are making money with the auto trader.
  • 2). The win rate on The News Spy is high; our test results reveal that the win rate is 97%, another reason for the high ROI.
  • 3). The auto trading platform is secure and very fast. Hundreds of transactions can be completed in minutes.
  • 4). The withdrawal system is fast, and there is a customer support system that works 24/7.
  • 5). The News Spy is user-friendly, no need for special skills or training before it can be used.The News Spy benefits

Trading with more efficiency

We understand the need to trade with a secure and fast cryptocurrency platform. The market is so attractive to investors. Recently, ETH was sold for over $25 million, the exchanges have been recording similar figures in sales. It is awesome; so many traders are taking advantage of these trading activities to make more money from the cryptocurrency market. We know that this is the best time to join.

We have been trading with automated systems for a long time so we understand the need for efficiency. Considering that there are scam site out there, it helps to be sure that the auto trading platform in use is perfect.

Think about it, auto trading robots perform hundreds of trades per minute, so the accuracy rating of the system must be very high to avoid an error.

After testing The News Spy, we are confident that it is one of the most reliable auto trading systems that can be used to earn a consistent income from the market.

Our findings during this review give us the confidence to recommend News Spy to everyone who wants to start growing a passive income in addition to their full-time job.

How the News Spy works

Our review included a study of how the auto trading platform works. This was an easy task for my team because The News Spy is transparent, the entire platform is so easy to study and understand.

The trading activities are coordinated by robots based on the intelligent AI-based algorithm. The robots detect the most profitable deals on the market, and the funds deposited by investors are used to buy crypto, which is resold at a higher price to make a profit.

We got this information by studying the live trading system. But first, we created our account.

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How to Open a New Spy Account

Here are the simple steps we followed while creating our account and testing The News Spy account;

Step 1: Account Registration

To create an account, we were required to provide the following information, an account name, password, email, and phone number. Verification was done and the application to create an account was approved.

Step 2: How to Make a Deposit

This is so easy; we were permitted to transfer funds into our The News Spy account after the application was approved. To make a deposit, we selected a payment option from the list, next, we entered the needed information and the money was transferred after we clicked the button. We decided to transfer the minimum deposit that can be made on the site, which is $250. After making a deposit, we could use the live trading feature.

Step 3: Demo trading

The demo trading platform is a free-to-use feature that helps new investors to study how auto trading systems work. But, it is not really important because the trading robots do all the work. Step 4: Live Trading

We observed that live trading can be done anytime there is money in the users’ account, which is convenient. We enjoyed using the live trading feature, it works smoothly, we saw how easily the trading robots started and completed trades in a few seconds. The fast transactions are the key to beating the unpredictable cryptocurrency market.

Our live trading session ended after nine hours, and, in the end, we were convinced that The News Spy can be used to earn a profit every day. It is the best option for everyone who wants to make money from the cryptocurrency market.The News Spy how it works

Will you use The News Spy?

We are happy that the investors have more options to make money from the cryptocurrency market. Auto trading platforms such as The News Spy offer investors an opportunity to diversify their financial portfolio and earn from different sources. The News Spy has met our expectations as an excellent auto trading system, so we confidently recommend it to everyone.

Here are some of the advantages we wrote down while testing the auto trader;

It is User-friendly

There is no need for trading skills before users can make money with this auto trader. The fast withdrawal and deposit processes are outstanding.

High Returns

The win rate on this auto trading system is so high. We earned a profit after our live trading sessions.

Data security

The user data and funds are secure. There is no scare of cyber-attacks. The customer service system is available 24/7 so users can get help instantly if it is necessary.

In addition to the advantages we have written above, here are some helpful tips for beginners;

Start with a small capital

If you are using The News Spy for the first time, it is best if you start with the minimum deposit, which is only $250. This will allow you to get comfortable with the auto trading system before increasing your deposit.

Withdraw your profit

Always withdraw your profit after the trading session ends.

Make time to trade daily

Always use the live trading feature every day. You will earn more and have significant savings in a short time.

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The News Spy Review: Our Conclusion

After reviewing our results, we concluded that The News Spy is an outstanding auto trading platform that can be used to make a daily profit.

We made this conclusion after trading with the system, earning a profit and withdrawing our earnings to a bank account. Also, we can confirm that all the features on the auto trading platform work.

My team has had a pleasant experience with The News Spy, we are happy that another auto trading platform can be added to our growing list of recommendations to our audience.