Web3, Sports, and NFTs: How Fans are Engaged Digitally

• Scott M. Lawin is the CEO/COO of Candy Digital, a next-generation sports and culture digital asset platform.
• Scott Lawin gave a wide-ranging exclusive interview about Web3, the Sports Industry, and the impact of NFTs on fans in the digital landscape.
• In his interview he discussed building businesses and connecting with communities, partnerships and collaboration in content and IP ownership, exploring the impact of NFTs on fans, forming partnerships, collaborating with brands and institutions, intersection of technology and finance, mainstream adoption of crypto/web3 technologies, democratization of artists.

About Scott Lawin

Scott M. Lawin is CEO/COO of Candy Digital, Inc., a next-generation sports and culture digital asset platform providing authentic objects and experiences that deepen fan engagement and connect people to their passions. Before launching Candy he founded Parametric LP, an investment advisory firm focused on blockchain techonolgy adn real estate. From 2010 – 2017 he was Chief Operating Officer at Moore Capital Management with $15bn in global investments. He also serves on various boards such as Art Money & Srinidhi Investment Group as well as acting as an advisor to MIT MET Fund & Streetlinx among others. He earned his BS in Architecture from MIT in 1993 & is a Founding member for the Dean’s Advisory Committe for MIT School of Architecture & Planning.

Building Businesses & Connecting With Communities

Lawin spoke about how businesses are being built to engage communities by providing them with authentic objects & experiences which will help build deeper fan engagement while allowing people to connect with their passions through NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This has been especially helpful during this pandemic where many have not had access to physical sports events or activities.

Partnerships & Collaboration In Content And IP Ownership

Lawin also discussed how important it is for collaborations between different entities when it comes to content creation & IP ownership so that all parties involved benefit from these projects equally while having secure ownership over what they create or own without any third party interference or manipulation.
He believes that NFTs have been especially useful when it comes to monetizing content creators who can now use these tokens to distribute their work securely online without worrying about any copyright issues or potential losses due to data theft etc..

Forming Partnerships

Lawin spoke about how important it was for businesses today to form strategic partnerships that would allow them access new markets & expand their reach globally while still maintaining control over their product/service offerings at all times; this could be done either by investing in existing companies or developing joint ventures with other parties interested in similar projects etc..

Mainstream Adoption Of Crypto/Web3 Technologies

Lastly Lawin touched upon the importance of mainstream adoption when it comes to crypto/web3 technologies so that everyone can have access these services regardless of their geographical location or socio-economic status; this could help democratize artists by allowing them access global markets which were previously inaccessible before due lack resources etc..